Our Services
Regulatory services

We provide technical and advisory services regarding GMP inspection & approval of the manufacturing sites, products analysis and registration.


We are approved by the local authorities in Libya including the Libyan ministry of health to import pharmaceutical products, medical equipment & consumables, cosmetics, and baby & mother supplies.

Sales and Distribution

We sell and distribute products through our extensive client networks Including government, public and private sectors

Management Services

 In addition, we are working as a local technical representative for sites who want to register, export, and market their products in Libya.


We conduct SWOT analysis, market research, competition analysis, launching of products with promotional activities. 

Team of Experts

We have high level skills & knowledge in a certain domain acquired over many years of experience.

Contribution to the community

We have a sense of community and we want to give back to the society. The company tries to continuously sponsor and supports many activities and events in the local society to make a positive contribution. These activities include, volunteering, education programs, and sponsoring health events and scientific days.  These participations performed by the help of several organizations that the company holds including:

White diamond academy


warehouses and transport 

IT compliance

All departments in the company and the warehouses are IT compliant. Both online friendly inventory management and finance management software’s are integrated in the system. 


Smart, swift, and reliable delivery and transports of the items are ensured to all customers in all territories by the mean of Al-Masa Al-Dawlyia Co. special trucks and drivers. 


The company has warehouses in accordance with the quality highest standards and storage methods that are in conformity with the standard and the technical specifications from the Libyan Ministry of Health. 

In addition, the warehouses have been equipped with centrally air conditioned cooling rooms for keeping medicines in accordance with good storage policies and standards.